About Preston Shuttlesworth

Preston Shuttlesworth is a 21 year-old Evangelist who preaches the healing, saving, and delivering Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Preston Shuttlesworth graduated from Valor Christian College in Columbus, OH in 2019 with a ministry degree. Growing up in a ministry home, Preston had the great privilege of being around mighty men and women of God in and around his family from a young age. He witnessed first hand the miraculous and transforming power of God and the need for this message to reach the entire world. At the age of four-years-old Preston received the call and charge to be a preacher of the Gospel , when in a meeting his father Terry Shuttlesworth laid hands on him in dedication and he heard the voice of God speak to him for the first time. 

 Ever since that encounter Preston has dedicated his life and had only one desire. To see God use him and other young on fire people to mobilize the Kingdom and to see an end time revival and harvest before the second coming of Christ.






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“The enemy is on a mission to take out a generation  , God is on a mission to set that generation free.”

Preston Shuttlesworth |  Preacher – Virginia Beach, VA

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