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Welcome to Preston Shuttlesworth Ministries, where passion for spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ is our driving force. Preston Shuttlesworth, is a dedicated evangelist who studied at Valor Christian College in Columbus, Ohio. Graduating in 2019 with a degree in ministry, Preston launched into full-time ministry, sharing the saving, healing, and delivering message of Jesus Christ.


Preston’s upbringing in a ministry home granted him the invaluable opportunity to be in the presence of mighty men and women of God from a young age. Witnessing firsthand the miraculous and transformative power of God, he understood the urgency of spreading this life-changing message worldwide.

At just four years old, Preston felt the calling to become a preacher of the Gospel. During a meeting where his father, Terry Shuttlesworth, laid hands on him dedicating him to the Lord, he heard the voice of God speak to him for the very first time. Since that encounter, Preston has dedicated his entire life to one singular desire: to see God use him and other passionate, young individuals to mobilize the Kingdom and usher in an end-time revival and harvest before the second coming of Christ.

In November 2023, Preston married his wife, Emily. They reside in Pittsburgh, PA, and attend Revival Today Church.

At Preston Shuttlesworth Ministries, our mission is clear: to share the unshakable love and transformative power of Jesus Christ. Through preaching, and teaching, we are committed to igniting a revival that will shake this nation, and nations around the world.





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“The enemy is on a mission to take out a generation  , God is on a mission to set that generation free.”

Preston Shuttlesworth |  Preacher – Virginia Beach, VA

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